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About Us

Liquid Solutions Inc. is and has always been a family owned and operated business serving the Central Valley since 1996.

Liquid Solutions Inc. view family as our highest priority. With this in mind we push forward giving everyone the ability to filter and condition water in their own homes. To give them the ability to control what they, their children, spouses, friends and so many will be drinking and washing with through a water source that has only been more corrupted over the past century . 

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What We Love To Do

Liquid Solutions Inc. is a water treatment contractor. We are certified with the California Dept of Public Health as a treatment and distribution operator. We provide equipment installation, service, and repair options for our customers equipment. Some of what's included in these services are, but not limited to, the regular changing of drinking water filters, verifying the purity of your drinking water, ensuring that whole home units are performing up to standard, and making sure your equipment functions to factory specification. This enures your getting your moniesworth after investing in equipment .

For more information about what each of these products do, their maintenance or a quoted price please visit our FAQ's and Helpful Tips section at the upper right of your screen or give our office a call to schedule your free consultation. 

Meet The Team

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