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What is Problem Water?

Problem water can have many forms. Odors, iron staining, black manganese staining, rotten egg smells, and contaminants that are unhealthy to consume or cook with. Primarily, problems of more unique natures come from private well systems. These include residential homes located in the countryside away from a source such as a city-run supply system.


Most private well issues are geographically dependent. Some areas near the Stockton delta waterways have very high levels of iron and manganese, east of Modesto are high nitrates, manganese, and sulfide issues. Every well is different, and that is why one of our trained technicians should be consulted. Fortunately, all these issues are fixable with the proper application of equipment. This will provide safe, delicious drinking and cooking water, as well as protect your home and appliances from damage and premature failure.


Liquid Solutions Inc. is a California Department of Public Health Certified treatment and distribution operator #28557 & 39884? This means we are certified to treat and monitor small and medium municipal water systems all the way down to a single well on your property.


Call and we can discuss your issues, provide recommendations for the first steps in solving those problems, and how to fix them safely and effectively using the best equipment and methods in the industry.

Common Problems People Have With Their Water

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