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What is Softened and Conditioned Water?


Water softeners remove calcium and magnesium from your incoming water supply. These are the hard water minerals everyone is talking about.


An oversized, sanitary tank is filled with specialized filter media. As hard water moves through the tank, the media acts like a magnet, trapping the hardness minerals. Eventually, the media becomes "saturated" and needs to be cleaned and "recharged". A sophisticated, microprocessor-controlled valve then automatically flushes the filter media using a salt or potassium solution. 

Removing these minerals provides relief from scale build-up, premature water appliance failures, and many other benefits. Water processors, sometimes called conditioners, remove hardness but also provide chlorine, turbidity, pesticide and other contaminant reduction through activated carbon media. For more information on the advantages of soft, conditioned water please check our FAQ's page or call for your free consultation.

What if I can't purchase a water softener in my town or am unable to lift the required amounts of salt to keep the system working?

In instances like this, a system called a Green Machine will be implemented. This system, much like a water softener, has an oversized, sanitary tank filled with specialized filter media. This media is special in that it contains a large amount of carbon as well as a patented Turbo Tech cartridge system that when used in conjunction with a special media will clean the water of containments such as chlorine, fluoride, arsenic, bromine, and many more. In addition to this, its special media will help to break down the calcium molecules running through the system making them smaller. This makes it much more difficult for the calcium to attach to your home's piping structure and water-based appliances. It is important to note that while the Green Machine is an excellent system, it is not a water softener and cannot provide soft water. Many companies falsely advertise that you can achieve soft water without the use of salt or potassium. This is unfortunately untrue and as it stands currently, there is no way to remove calcium without salt or potassium.  

What is Reverse Osmosis?

Reverse osmosis is a process by which our conditioned water is then taken to an ultra-purified stage. Using the most cost-effective, state of the art processing, water is forced through 5 different filters, including a reverse osmosis semi-permeable membrane. These pores in a TFC premium membrane are so small, 1 ten-thousands of a micron to be precise, that almost nothing can be forced through except water molecules. This results in a premium tasting, purified water we recommend to use for all your drinking and cooking needs. Coffee making, boiling noodles, washing off vegetables and salad lettuce, making the kids lemonade, etc. It is a premium food-grade water that you can enjoy anytime, up to 50 gallons a day! Contaminants such as arsenic, fluoride, chlorine, bromine, and many more of these chemicals could be present in tap water. We give you total control over your water and what you feed your family.

The state and federal governments have their drinking water standards and we encourage you to have a higher set of standards than the government. They do their best and for the most part, comply with regulations as best they can but processing millions of gallons of water daily just makes it too expensive to highly purify your water. 


Protection from the damage hard water scale build-up can do to your homes glassware,  shower doors , piping and water-based appliances such as ice makers, laundry machines, hot water heaters, and dishwashers


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Major saving in the amount of soap and cleaning products your home uses. This is because soft water doesn't need nearly as much soap or cleaning product to saturate the water and have optimal effectiveness. Resulting in hundreds of dollars in savings every year.

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Plastic bottled water is a very bad thing for our mother earth. Product must be put into plastic, trucked to warehouses, and sit on isle floors until taken home by consumers. The waste stream is enormous and can be eliminatated entirely with home reverse osmosis purification.

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Soft, silky skin and hair, longer lasting clothes, &  less harsh chemical usage mean better protection of our environment. 

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Water that is continually filtered every day for you. Conveniently located next to your kitchen faucet ready for use in any application such as boiling pasta, making coffee, or even watering your house plants. No more lugging bottled water from the store or 5 gallons jugs left on your porch to deal with. 


Have total control of what's in your water. No minerals, stabilizers, or other additives are able to pass into your water giving you total control over your body. Whether you chose to add minerals after the fact with an alkaline filter or intake them through your food, you have total control and no longer have to compromise on your water.

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What Do Both Of These Give You?

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